Our trustees belong to a community of intellectuals who share an affinity for deep conversations, relish challenge, and tackle problems with a creativity that pulls from philosophy as easily as from economics.

(president,chief trustee)

An engineer,educationist,philanthropist his visage always exudes optimism, righteous ambition, and immeasurable humility. Which is why, whenever we search for an iconic figure in the field of education his name immediately jump’s to mind.He is the reason behind the sheer existence of AL-SHARAY group of institutions,starting with the sole goal of educating our society in the best way possible. His vision is to transform obsolete factory-model colleges into systems of colleges that accomplish what has never before been accomplished: a high quality education for all children across the ethnic and socioeconomic spectrum.

(vice president,chief trustee)

Sheer strength of character, discipline, strength of mind, willingness to strive for best education, enthusiastic nature defines our vice president. The college began to make rapid strides into being a model institution from the day she started looking after the day to day activities of our college.Always optimistic about the future,she focusses on unique strength of every employee then assigns the work according to it.She lays out the principles for all the faculty to follow and proceed.She also focusses on sharpening the intellect of the students and in moulding their character.

(chief trustee,treasurer,policy maker)

An architect by profession,Wafaq sharay brings a progressive eye to the AL-SHARAY group of institutions.He is a student’s writer,using their various needs and issues as a sociological lens,then addressing them in the best way possible. He is always consumed with making tomorrow better than today;as hopeful leaders never settle.