There Goes A Good Proverb

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

 The importance of games and sports can never be minimized that’s why we at AL-SHARAY allot a 10 day window per year for sports and other cultural activities for students to get freshened up by moving away from their daily routine of only studying.

The Advantages Of Conducting These Events Are :

  First of all, they are good exercises and help to build fine, physique for the boys and girls. They make them mentally alert and physically strong. Further, good health is one of the most important benefit of games and sports.

  Secondly, students learn to cope with difficult situations. By displaying their feats before many spectators, they can overcome their nervousness.

  Thirdly, games and sports are good diversions and give them energy to learn their lessons well.

  Fourthly, It gives the necessary break from the everyday monotonous life.

  Fifthly, games and sports help building a sense of cooperation and team-spirit in an individual. Sports like cricket, football, etc. are won by the collective efforts of all the members of the team.

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